About Me

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I am KwesiPino from West Africa and a proud Ghanaian. I make entertaining videos, tour, blog, loves business and an activist. Welcome to my blog KwesiPino.com. Kwesi in Akan language means a person born on Sunday and Pino is an Italian name of somebody who lived by a remarkable pine tree. Pino also have a relatively Joseph’s story in the Bible which means May God add another son or He (God) will add. Don’t ask me why i chose those name cos myself i don’t even know.

I make entertaining videos yet educative, creates contents, a business enthusiast, blogger who writes about Africa and an activist giving back to the community as a Social Worker. Welcome to my blog. I give out lucrative, useful and educative information in, around and about Africa. I must be your undisputed blogger and hoping to be Africa’s no.1 information portal.

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I have a YouTube channel, ”KwesiPino” be sure to subscribe and smash the notification bell as I try my best to bring you three (3) entertaining videos each week. No Pranks! This is reality.

Reach over 1 million audience each day across Africa. I am open for Partnerships, Advertisements, Publications and Guest Posts. Reach my Contact- page for necessary detail. Have fun! Africa lives right here.