How To Figure Out Your Real Friends From The Fake Ones


Have you ever thought of the people you have around that you call your friends? Are they real friends or fake ones?

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For those who see as real friends ,what attributes did you consider before seeing them as real friends?

It is very important that we try to figure out all our friends and find out which one of them is real and which one is fake.

Real Friends Stick To You All The Time

One way to identify a real friend is at the time you face difficult situations in life. Most of the time, real friends would continue to stick to you in your worst times and would never leave you.

However, when you find yourself in a bad situation, the fake friends would leave you.

In your bad times, you wouldn’t need to look for friends to help you through; the real friends will stay with you and help you out.

Real Friends Inspire You Towards Your Well-Being And Success

One other way to differentiate between a real and a fake friend is by the words you get to hear from them. As much as possible, real friends would advise, inspire and also guide you towards having a meaningful life.

Fake friends do not have the time to do this. Real Friends serve as the energy to propel you to higher heights in life. They hold you up whenever you feel like giving up in life.

They serve as solutions to the problems you have and they never bring you problems. On the other hand, fake friends rather bring you trouble and are never concerned about your well-being and success.

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Real Friends Feel Like Family

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Most of the time when you have a real friend with or around you, it feels like you are with a family member. Real friends give you the feeling that they are ‘a brother from another mother’ but when you are with a fake friend, you would never get such a feeling.

A real friend acts, thinks and carries on as an original member of the family and more often than not ,your family members also see your real friend as part of the family.

A fake friend will remain an ordinary friend to your family members.

Real Friends Are Able To Keep Your Secrets

No matter the kind of secrets you have; whether nasty or not, real friends will keep such secrets to themselves and never tell anyone else.

Real Friends are loyal to you no matter the circumstance. However, fake friends are not able to keep their mouths shut. Fake friends would always inform others about your dirty secrets and still pretend that they keep your secrets to themselves.

Real Friends Would Always Defend And Have Your Back Covered

It is important to note that real friends would at all times defend you no matter what the circumstance could be.

As a matter of fact, in any circumstance, a real friend would ensure that your back is covered.

Unfortunately, same cannot be said of a fake friend. A fake friend would rather give up on you easily and also expose you.

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