Signs To Look Out For In People Suffering From Eating Disorder


Eating disorder is a serious and very real condition which affects a whole lot of people across the world.

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Most of the time,it’s women and girls who get to suffer from eating disorder even though some men also suffer from the condition.

In as much as people suffering from eating disorder may try as much as possible to hide it, it is important to note that there are certain signs that can give evidence to the effect that one is suffering from eating disorder.

It has been established that people who are suffering from eating disorder as a result of malnourishment, will find it difficult to keep warm.

Most of the time,they would feel cold and would want a source of heat. Even when they are indoors with the right temperature, they would have to cover themselves with so much clothes just because they are feeling cold.

Again, people with eating disorder most of the time feel so tired. And this is due to the fact that lack of adequate food causes the body not to function properly and also lower one’s energy levels.

A eating disorder is able to have a great influence on the one suffering from it in that even though the person may feel tired most of the time ,the person would love to engage in activities or exercise that would help in the weight-losing process.

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Interestingly, people with eating disorder rather have issues or faults with people around them about what they decide to eat.

They comment about how unhealthy or harmful certain foods are which people around them consume. They become disgusted when they see people eating food they see as fattening.

Most of the time, people suffering from eating disorder become obsessive about weight loss, would spend much time worrying about the amount of calories is contained in the food they eat.

To the extreme , they may even keep records of the foods they eat and also constantly check the fat content of whatever they may want to consume.

It’s very possible for one to experience hair loss due to lack of adequate nutrition as a result of an eating disorder.

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This could be noted by the fact that strands of hair may be seen on the bed or around places where a person suffering from the eating disorder normally spends much time.

A person suffering from eating disorder may miss eating food most of the time.

Due to this , the person may feed on almost on any food he comes across in large quantities in a short time. Most times, this is done secretly.

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