Warning Signs That Show That You Are Unhealthy


It is very important that one stays healthy at all times and as such one needs not to ignore any changes in the body.

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These changes could have some underlying health issues which need to be tackled before they become life-threatening.

With any change in the body, it could be a way to tell you something could be wrong.

Check out some of the changes in the body that could indicate a health condition.

It is always normal to have your eye whites white all the time. However, a change in the colour of the eye could be a warning concerning a health issue.

Red eyes can be caused by insomnia which is the inability to have a sound sleep. It could also signify a bad cold or even an eye infection.

Red eyes could also suggest the setting in of conjunctivitis and when the eyes are yellow in colour, jaundice, liver or gallbladder problems could be the issue.

There are sometimes one could have cold feet. However when it becomes persistent, it could be a symptom for a number of cardiovascular diseases.

Reynolds which is also a disorder of the immune system can also manifest itself in cold feet.

A sudden swelling of the neck should not be ignored or taken for granted. A swelling of the front of the neck could be a thyroid problem.

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Warning Signs That Show That You Are Unhealthy
Warning Signs That Show That You Are Unhealthy

A swollen neck may also be giving you signals of the possibility of suffering from infection of the lymph nodes. It is important to note that some swellings could be harmless or a minor infection but some need to be taken care of as they could be dangerous to one’s health.

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It’s quite normal to have moles, warts or even birthmarks especially as most are harmless. Regardless, a mole or wart that is developed on an area on the body after exposure to the sun, may be a symptom of melanoma.

When one’s birthmark or mole suddenly changes color, it could be the emergence of cancer.

It’s a normal thing for one to lose some hair especially as up to 100 strands of hair are lost everyday by a person.

However if for no apparent reason one loses so much hair, one needs to find out what could be the cause. One would definitely need to visit a doctor when one loses eyelashes and the brow hair.

Thyroid problems could also cause hair loss.

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Changes in the colour, shape and texture of one’s nail tells so much about one’s health. Malnutrition manifests itself in weak and brittle nails .

At one time or the other, one could develop cracked and dry lips.

However, when one experiences dry and cracked lips for several weeks, it could be an indication of a fungal infection.

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