Interesting Ways How So Much Stress Experienced By A Person Manifests


There are so many factors that could cause one to experience so much stress at any point in time.

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These factors range from family issues, pressures from work, relationships and so many others.

Everyone at any point in time may experience stress but when it becomes too much, it has a way it tells on the life and health of a person.

Find out how excessive stress could manifest in the life of a person;

Too much stress can make a person lose interest in sex and ultimately affect one’s relationship as well.

When one becomes over stressed it becomes very difficult for the person to even think about making love to his or her partner even though lovemaking could help to ease stress.

It is important not to allow one’s self to get over stressed if one would want to spend more quality time with the lover and keep the relationship strong and intact.

So much stress can also affect one’s mood. Due to stress, one could experience mood swings and affect the relationship that person has with others.

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Too much stress results in the release of stress hormones making one’s body ready for any threat whatsoever.

In some instances, over stress can lead one to start over eating. Some people experiencing so much stress could start eating large quantities of food than the usual.

Others would also have their over stress manifesting itself in under-eating.

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Over-stress affects one’s ability to think properly and focus. This is so because stress has an adverse effect on the cognitive centres of the brain which is responsible for quick thinking.

The lack of proper thinking as well as focus can affect almost all aspects of one’s life and affect people closer too.

Over stress can lead one to sweat profusely than normal. The apocrine glands which are triggered by adrenaline are responsible for sweating due to stress. With more stress, the apocrine glands also produce more sweat.

In some people, excessive stress generates into acne. This happens because, with stress, the skin is forced to produce more sebum that clogs one’s pores and causes acne.

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