How To Identify A Chronically Unhappy Person


For every human being, it’s quite normal to be happy or sad sometimes.

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However, it must be emphasized that some people are chronically unhappy at all times.

Even though these people are chronically unhappy, they mistaken their situation to be exhaustion, stress or just crankiness.

In as much as it may be difficult to identify a person who is chronically unhappy, there are certain signs to look out for;

Chronically unhappy people most of the time concentrate or focus on the negative aspects of anything that happens.

Happy people rather tend to have a balanced perspective to life’s occurrences and can always see the good and the bad in everything.

Unlike happy people who usually plan their goals ahead of time and take time to relax and rejuvenate, unhappy people almost all the time would want to micromanage every detail of their lives.

Unhappy people fall apart easily when something unexpected comes their way.

Most of the time, unhappy people are anxious and stressed out for no apparent reason.

They often have their minds haunted by unnecessary fears and thoughts not needed. Happy people are generally satisfied with their life and are in total charge of their emotions regardless of the situation they encounter.

Generally unhappy people always judge themselves and compare themselves with others.

They constantly hold the belief that they have failed in this life and there is nothing good for them in this world.

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Unhappy people don’t know how to appreciate their accomplishments and are always weighing their successes against those of others.

Its quite normal for happy people to trust people around them and they are also open and friendly .

Happy people are also able to see the good in others but unhappy people find it difficult to trust others and even find it a problem to trust their own family and friends.

Unhappy people always want to be alone and as such they isolate themselves most of the time.

Whereas happy people take a look at life with a curious and positive mindset, they make it a point to take responsibility for their choices, actions and utterances.

Happy people make it a point to face their problems with a move to resolve them, however same cannot be said of unhappy people.

Unhappy people are always considering themselves as victims of circumstances and easily give up when they face problems.

Their general belief is that life is harsh and not worth living and are always fixated on the thought of life being cruel and hard.

If you no longer dream of the future or feel hopeful of all the possibilities out there; it’s because you are unhappy with the life you’re leading.

Happy people have plans for the future that they know may or may not work out.

For them, life is unpredictable and wonderful things can happen anytime. If you are unhappy, the world can seem constricted, dull and gray.

Nothing good ever happens and you can’t look forward to anything. In fact, living becomes a tedious task with no escape.

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