Understanding The Misconceptions Surrounding The Charging Of Mobile Phones


 All over the world,some misconceptions have been formed about the charging of  mobile phones and the effects that the chargers have on the batteries.

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Most often than not, it is believed that charging a phone with a charger that did not come along with the phone is most likely to damage the battery.

Regardless , there are certain rules and truths concerning the charging of mobile phones which needs to be observed to increase battery life.

 There is the misconception that using different charges at different times to charge a mobile money will destroy the battery and decrease it’s life span.

However, it has been established that using different chargers to charge a mobile phone would not cause the battery any issues so far as the chargers are not replicas or fake.

However, it must be noted and emphasized that different chargers would work fine as the original charger but their performance would be optimum and would not damage the battery in any way.

The problem of damaging the battery of the mobile phone comes up when knockoff chargers are used.

There is also this belief that charging a mobile phone overnight has the tendency of damaging and eventually killing the battery.

It must however be noted that batteries of mobile phones have been produced in such a way that they are able to take the overnight charging.

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Interestingly, charging a mobile phone overnight works in such a way that when the battery reaches its maximum charge, it stops charging .

Regardless of this , one should not make overnight charging a norm and note that keeping a phone charged between 40% and 80% will make the battery last longer and be more effective.

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 People believe that it is unsafe to use a mobile phone at the same time it is being charged .The understanding is that the phone could explode or one could end up getting electrocuted.

As a matter of fact, there have been some incidents where people have gotten electrocuted or have had their phones explode but it must be noted that using original chargers, there isn’t much of a problem when one decides to use the phone while it is been charged.

Most times , the phones end up exploding or one gets electrocuted when the charger used is not original.

Whenever the phone is not in use especially during sleep time, it would be advisable to turn it off to help extend it’s battery life.

According to an expert, it has been established that turning a phone off from time to time would maximize it’s battery life.

For some people , a mobile phone should be charged only when the battery has gone completely dead.

Interestingly, this notion is wrong. Allowing the phone to hit 0% before an attempt is made to charge the battery rather makes the phone unstable.

It is however advised and prudent to charge a mobile phone from time to time rather than wait till the battery goes empty.

It must also be noted that heat can also destroy the battery of a phone especially when the phone is left to charge for a long period due to the fact that the battery is left to become empty before an attempt is made to charge it.

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