Signs That Would Inform You If You Are Dating A Woman Or A Girl


It is really not  enough to be dating but it is important that you date a woman rather date a girl. I guess you have an idea and the difference between a woman and a girl.

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The main difference has to do with the level of maturity and the kind of activities engaged in due to the level of maturity.

One of the main reasons why some relationships don’t last is because many men only get to date girls instead of women.

Dating a woman instead of a girl comes with so much satisfaction and there is hope that the relationship would last stronger.

Here are some signs that would inform you as to whether you are dating a woman or a girl.

Women Are Not Into Trends

Women as compared to girls develop their own sense of style and personality and do not conform to trends.

Women do not allow current trends to influence their looks and fashion sense in any form.

However, girls are mainly influenced by current trends and would do anything at all to conform to the current trends.

 Women Aren’t So Much Into Social Media

Women do not care so much about social media but are concerned about very important things that would improve their lives.

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They only use social media once in a while when it becomes important but they do not waste their time on social media as done by girls.

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Women Offer To Pay Bills

 It is important to note that women are financially independent as compared to girls.

Where as women are able to pay bills for their partners on some occasions, the main concern of girls is always to be at the receiving end; always getting from her man.

Women Possess Wisdom

Where as girls are mainly concerned about trivial and the ‘impression’ side of their lives, women Possess so much knowledge and wisdom.

Women are logical thinkers and they get themselves involved in activities that are important and beneficial rather concentrate on fashion, trends or social media.

Real women are aware of the world in which they live whereas girls only think about having fun.

Women Are Independent

Unlike girls, women are very independent .They do not need any guidance or permission for most of the things they do but for girls , they need to be taught what to do at each time .

It is mostly likely that one would not achieve much and get the best support when a girl is involved.

Women take their own decisions and more often than not , they make dating quite easier and enjoyable for their men.

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