Impressing Your Date And Getting A Second Outing


Going on a first date may seem a huge feat but that is not the case. Your ability to get a second outing with your date is key.

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In order to get a second outing, it is very important that you are able to give a very good impression of yourself on the very first date .

Never expect a second date or outing if your date does not get impressed in anyway about you.

Dress Comfortably

Just ensure that you are able to dress comfortably . If you dress uncomfortably , it has a way of affecting your mood and even your confidence level.

However , just ensure that you don’t under or overdress. Just be yourself in your dressing and appearance but remember that you need to impress your date and get that second outing you need.

Ask Questions

It is important to note that it is not advisable to talk so much about yourself on a first date. Most ladies get turned off when guys blab so much themselves on a first date.

The best way of impressing your date is to ask questions that would generate into a conversation .

With a conversation , you and your date would be able to find out so many important things about each other .

Resist Drinking Too Much

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On a first date , you can have a drink or two but never drink too much. There is no way you can impress your date when you drink too much and end up becoming tipsy.

Know your limits and make sure you’re staying hydrated throughout the date, so you can be your best self and walk in a straight line. 

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If its possible, stay away from the kind of drinks that would get you tipsy and a bit sloppy .

Pay Attention to Body Language

There are chances that you may feel so nervous on the first date . This could lead to speaking too fast, crossing our arms, and avoiding eye contact.  

However , to be able to impress your date ensure that you don’t speak so fast ,cross our arms or even avoid eye contact.

As much as possible ,try to focus on your body language on a first date: lean in when you speak, make eye contact, and resist fidgeting to express interest.

Make it a point to also figure out the body language of your date. So much is said through body language than through verbal communication.

Don’t Force It

Your date could end being a good one or otherwise . No matter what the case may be , there is no need  to prove yourself worthy of a second date if the two of you shared more awkward silences than a nice moment or magical eye contact .

Your date will appreciate your honesty , should you decide to part ways sooner than you’d planned.

Talk About the Future

It is not bad at all to talk about your future  on a first date, you might want to bring up the more immediate future.

If you’re having a good time, make references to a second date or some special place you can’t wait to take your date to just to show them that you’re really interested in them.

 It’s also a good way to gauge how they’re feeling. If they change the subject quickly or tell you their weekends are booked for the next three months, you can save those plans for someone else and know that they are not interested in a second date or outing .

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