How Depression Affects The Body In A Negative Way


Depression can be described as a mental disease which can affect people of all races.

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Interestingly, even though it is a mental disease , it is able to affect other parts of the body in a negative or bad way.

Based on research, more than 264 million people across the world are suffering from depression.

Lets take note of some of the adverse effects on depression on the human body.

Depression Affects The Function Of The Kidney

The unfortunate thing about depression is the fact that it affects how the kidney functions in the human body.

For anyone who seems to be developing a kidney problem, depression affects the body in such a way that it speeds up the kidney problem.

It has been known that depression increases the inflammatory protein which triggers an autoimmune response and this could be the possible reason why depression increases the chances of kidney disease.

Issues With The Gastrointestinal Tract

Our emotions can trigger the gastrointestinal tract to cause some sort of depression.

Depression can also cause movements and contractions in the tract all due to our emotions.

In simple terms, depression can bring about abdominal pain due to its effects on the gastrointestinal tract.

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Depression Causes Heart Problems

Even though most people do not know, depression leads to high blood pressure and an increased heart rate.

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People with depression and it’s related negative effects are more likely to develop heart problems.

One way of preventing heart problems is to ensure that one does not suffer from depression.

Tendency Of Diabetes Setting In

In one way or the other, depression increases one’s stress hormones which also has a bearing on one’s sugar level.

It has been established that people suffering from depression are likely to suffer from diabetes.

People who are also suffering from diabetes may ended up suffering from depression as well.


Depression is most likely to cause a chronic headache in some people. It is called ‘Tension Headache’ and when it sets in, one feels a pulsation around the eyebrows.

It has also been established that apart from the headache depression causes, depression has a way of causing one to experience confusion and short-term memory loss.

This condition makes it difficult for people to concentrate and focus and brings about forgetfulness.

Depression Causes Arthritis

Apart from the fact that depression can cause kidney issues, heart problems as well affect one’s gastrointestinal tract, it has also been noted that there is a link between depression and arthritis.

Depression and arthritis are closely connected.

With this , the inflammation caused by arthritis can cause depression to set in .

And on the other hand, depression can worsen the condition of arthritis in some people. People with arthritis have the high likelihood of suffering from depression at one point or the other.

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