Getting Pregnant Through The Easy Way : 4 Tips To Consider


Getting pregnant for some people seems to be easy but for others , its really a big deal.

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Apart from the health of the lovers who are trying and working hard in the bedroom to make a baby , there are other factors that need to be considered as they aid in getting pregnant easily .

These factors are hinged on timing , positions used during intimacy , frequency of intimacy and the subject of orgasm which are discussed below;

Time Intimacy Rightly

One of the most important things to consider to aid easy pregnancy is the issue of timing. The best time for one to get pregnant is during the fertility window.

This time stretches from five days before ovulation to the very day one ovulates. The chances for a woman to get pregnant increases if there is intimacy two days before ovulation and on the day of ovulation .

However ,knowing the ovulation time can be very tricky . It depends on the day of last menstruation , length of menstrual cycle as well as the number of days the woman menstruate.

 Regardless, the woman can depend on a Menstruation Calendar or the Fertility Calculator to track the ovulation time and make conception quite easier and timely.

Apart from using the Menstruation Calendar or the Fertility Calculator, there are certain symptoms that can evidence of the onset of ovulation:

  • Pain or cramps in your lower abdomen, thought to be the result of the maturation or release of an egg from an ovary
  • Slightly higher basal body temperature
  • Softer, wider and slightly higher cervix
  • Thin, clear, slippery discharge

Have Intimacy Regularly

In as much as the right timing for a lady to get pregnant is during ovulation , it is however important to note that partners should not limit their intimacy to the ovulation period only .

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Lovers or partners who are trying to get pregnant should try to have intimacy as frequently as possible even as they also take note of the ovulation period .

The combination of intimacy during ovulation as well as frequent intimacy would aid in easy pregnancy.

Intimacy Should Be Done In A Good Position

There isn’t a particular position that has been confirmed to aid easy conception. Several women have intimacy in different positions and still manage to get pregnant easily.

However, there are certain guidelines when followed, can lead to easy conception .

First of all,  the position to be used during intimacy should be such that , the sperm of the man gets very close to the cervix of the woman and it demands that there should be a deep penetration .

 Research indicates that the missionary and doggy-style allow the penis to reach the recesses at the front and back of the cervix, respectively.

Having intimacy like woman on top and those that involve standing up should be avoided especially as they do not help the woman to get pregnant .

After you have intimacy  it may be worthwhile to stay lying down for up to 30 minutes so none of the ejaculate leaks out. Some women also put a pillow beneath their lower back so their pelvis is slightly tilted up.

Don’t Worry About Having Orgasm

It is very important that the man gets an orgasm so that he is able to ejaculate into the woman to aid conception.

The orgasm to be experienced by the woman is not really important , but the woman can try to have orgasm just for the pleasure of it .

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