Five (5) Elements That Makes A Movie Good


Movies are part of our daily lives as they help to educate, inform and most importantly entertain us.

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It however becomes very disappointing when you watch a movie and it turns out to be bad.

Good movies are pleasant to the eyes and they are able to catch one’s attention and in some instances, one wouldn’t mind watching a movie several times if only it is good.

It is important to note there are certain elements that help to differentiate between a good and a bad movie.

Under normal circumstances, good movies are able to keep one glued to the television whereas with bad movies, one quickly loses focus on the movie.

In order to differentiate between a good and a bad movie, the following elements are very important and if only movie makers would take note of the elements, they would be able to produce good movies and get the needed income thereof.

Good Characters

For a movie to be tagged as good, an important element that cannot be ignored is the use of good characters.

The characters used for any movie represents the life of the movie and if the characters used are not the best, there is no way the movie would be interesting.

The characters should be such that movie watchers should be able to relate to the characters and even feel they are real. The characters used for the movie should be suitable for their roles.

Simple Plot

In short, the plot of a movie is what happens in a film; the narrative sequence of events that determine the outcome of the characters.

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Thus, movie plots are the events that happen, in sequence, in order to show a cause and effect.

A good movie does not have an elaborated plot especially as people love to watch movies with a simple plot that they can follow.

It is needless to overcrowd the movie with too many characters as well.

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For every good movie, the message or storyline is very clear and easy to follow and understand.

It is exactly what you want the audience to take away from your movie. You should weave the theme into the story.

No audience should leave the room with a bad impression about your film.

Most often than not, some movies are tagged as bad just because the theme is not so clear.

Attention To Details

There are so many minor and major details of any movie.

However, the ability and the drive to pay attention to all these major and minor details as well as those details that seem to be irrelevant is what makes a movie good.

Script-writing, casting, costume, photography and all the other details of a movie needs to be considered and well-attended to if the intention is to produce a very good movie.

It is envisaged that a movie cannot be good if such details are ignored and not much importance is attached to them.

Good ending

Last but certainly not the least, a good movie should have a good ending.

The ending of a story is crucial to the success of a movie. Films often get ruined for their bad ending. The ending must be put nicely; it must wrap up the story well.

Don’t drag the ending too long. It will lose the tune of the movie.

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