Setting Up A Business And Making Profits


For the provision of products and services , many businesses are set up .

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In as much as many businesses are expected to survive for so many years , the main reason why businesses are set up is to ensure that they make profits.

In order for a business to make profits, the business’ income should exceed its expenses .

If the expenses exceed that of income, practically it implies that the business is running at a loss and could possibly collapse sooner than later .

Making profits in a business demands that certain business practices are adhered to. There is no way a business would make profits by chance or coincidence.

For a business to make profits and eventually grow, the following principles need to be considered .

Providing Exceptional Customer Service

More often than not many businesses ignore the importance of exceptional customer service. They do not invest into customer service by employing professionals.

However , with the right customer service staff and work ethic, the business would be able to satisfy and retain more customers.

These retained customers would also inform their family and friends about the business and this cycle would help the business get more customers which would lead to high and increased income and obviously more profits.

With the best of customer service, a business would not lose its customers.

Implement Effective Marketing

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It is not enough just to set up a business and expect to make profits. An effective management strategy needs to be put in place to attract new customers to the business.

Through an effective marketing strategy , the products and services offered by the business would be made known to a very large audience at a relatively cheaper cost.

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Marketing effectiveness is measured by how well a company’s marketing strategies increase its revenue while decreasing its costs of customer acquisition.

Invest And Satisfy Staff

In as much as it may be capital-intensive , it is very important to hire and pay more for better-qualified staff, investing in employee training and paying for a professional recruitment resource.

This would lead to a better quality of staff which would also lead to an increase in productivity. An increase in productivity would definitely help the business to make more cash and ultimately more profits.

Prices of Products and Services Need to Be Right And Competitive

It is not enough to set up a business and have products and services for the market . One of the keys to making profits has to do with the pricing of products and services of a business.

The price of the products and services need to be right in the sense that they need not be too low or too high.

The business should be able to compare the price of the same products and services of their competitors. When this is done , the business would have to understand that overcharging  will drive customers away, while undercharging will drain profits.

If  the business is able to provide a better-quality product or service, it  can afford to charge more than a cheaper, lower-quality competitor.

Add Real Value For Your Customers

How do businesses make money? The most important answer is that they always add real value for their customers. 

The bottom line for how to make a profit isn’t actually a number – it’s the value customers perceive in the business’ product. When someone finds a product that fills a need they can’t find anywhere else, they fall in love.

How do you truly add value your ideal customer can’t ignore? Prioritize your market research to understand your customer’s lifestyle and taste.

By inhabiting your customer’s mind and preferences, you’re able to create compelling innovations customized to your market. As you innovate, track how your buyer responds so you can adjust your strategy as needed.

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