Five (5) Important Traits Of Good Customer Service


Customer service simply refers to the the assistance, service and advice provided by a company to those people who buy or use its products or services.

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Customer service is also the act of taking care of customer needs by providing and delivering professional, helpful, high quality service and assistance before, during, and after the customer’s requirements are met.

Customer service is meeting the needs and desires of any customer.

A Good customer service can be said to have been given or experienced if the following principles are adhered to:

Respond As Quickly As Possible

One factor through which good customer service is determined is by the speed at which a customer is given response with respect to an inquiry or a complaint.

Whenever a customer is not attended to as quickly as possible, there is the possibility that the customer will not be satisfied.

The customer would try to look out for a different alternative. Each customer wants to be treated as special and of value.

At all time, timelines given to customers with respect to an inquiry or a complaint should be adhered to. If there would be a delay, the customer needs to be notified and reasons given for the delay.

Know your customers

In order to render the best of customer services, it is important to know one’s customers. The peculiar needs of each customer needs to be known as well.

Each customer based on needs and wants needs to be given the best of customer service and each customer needs to be treated individually.

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It is important  to know your customer’s name, remember their names at all times and have an idea about previous conversations.

Listen To Your Customers

Whenever customers get the feeling that their issues get a listening ear, they become very happy. It has a way of helping to keep customers as they feel important and valued.

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However if customers are not given a listening ear, they would love to move to other places where their issues would be attend to.

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Listening to a customer helps to fish out the main problem faced by a customer and the right solution needed. Listening to a customer would let the one listening understand how the customer feels.

On what basis can an information be given or a complaint resolved if in the first place, the customer is turned a deaf ear.

Provide Information and Solutions Needed By Customers

A mark of good customer service is the ability to provide information needed by a customer as quickly as possible.

Provision of information needs to be timely and correct. In the instance where information is delayed or incorrect, a customer is likely to be lost to a competitor.

In the instance where a customer needs a solution to his or her complaint, it is important to note the exact solution needed by the customer or the solution promised to the customer needs to be adhered to and the timeline also adhered.

Think Long Term When Dealing With A Customer

At all times, think long term when dealing with customers. Note that your ability to get a customer satisfied would mean that the customer would stay loyal to you.

Every customer who gets satisfied would also want the friends and family to experience the best customer service they have experienced.

This is one of the best marketing tools a business can depend on and it works a big deal.

It is said that a satisfied customer would tell three (3) other people about their experience where an angry customer or a customer who was not given the best of customer service will make about 3000 people aware of his or her bad experience.

Importance of Customer Service

  • Revenue increases with good customer service.
  • Happy customers build a better reputation.
  • Retention correlates to customer satisfaction.
  • Churn decreases with more customer care.
  • Brand awareness soars with positive customer experiences.
  • Marketing spend lessens with more customer advocates.

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