How An Actor Can Work Towards Becoming c Beyond Others


By chance or concrete efforts , anyone could become an actor but it is very important for one to be tagged a very  good actor other than just a mere actor.

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Do you want to be a good actor ? Have you asked yourself why the likes of Denzel Washington , Morgan Freeman, Leonardo DiCaprio, as well as others are seen as very good actors?

A careful consideration of all these actors will bring out the fact that they dedicate their time into certain activities , principles and norms all geared towards making them the best so far as acting is concerned.

Becoming a very good actor  does not in any way happen overnight , by chance or coincidence as there are certain principles when practised religiously can lead one to become a very good actor.

As  a matter of fact , some people are born and are naturally good actors as they do not need to do much but for some others, observation of these principles would help them in becoming very good actors .

  • The Act of Understanding Human Behaviour

For every good actor , his work should not be limited to learning the script  of any production. The ability to understand human behaviour and relate it to any role given is what sets apart a very good actor from a mere or ordinary one.

The knowledge of human behavior is able to help a very good actor to identify what is required by his audience.

  • Being Confident At All Times

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For some actors , its very intimidating to be in front of the camera and some people are just not able to overcome stage freight .

However, there is no way an actor can be very good without being confident . One’s temperament as well as personality which contribute to one’s confidence need not be undermined .

Any actor who wants to be very good needs to work on his confidence level .

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  • Hardwork Is Paramount

All actors need to understand that becoming a very good actor does not happen by accident .Constant patience, attention to detail , the urge to be perfect ,and most importantly hard work is what can make one a very good actor or otherwise .

Acting needs so much dedication and there is no way a lazy actor can become very good .

  • The Need For Intelligence, Charisma And Energy

The mark of any good actor is his ability to be well-informed and knowledgeable in the acting field . A very good actor should be able to learn new things across the world that pertain to the acting world and endeavour to exert sufficient vocal and physical energy in any role.

This helps  to create a likeable character in the minds’ eye of any audience . An actor has to be delightful, appealing, and enchanting to the viewers or audience as well.

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