This is What we Africans “Black People” MUST do to Change Africa


Africans ( Black people) actually get somewhat excited at the prospect of a rising China, Russia, or Iran creating global equality. Over the years, I have encountered several miseducated Africans savouring at such a thought.

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A rising “China and Russia” is NEVER the solution for global balance. China is just as racist as the Western world. In many ways, Russia has always been in the same league. Wishing Iran to become one won’t solve the African question or dilemma, either.

Appropriately, those Black people see inbalance or inequality in the world in which they live. Granted, however, the imbalance of the world is NOT due to having a single or two, or even three, four or five super powers to stabilize things.

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Currently, we have had that already in place. There are 5 (five) “permanent member” countries in the United Nations, designed supposedly to bring fairness to the world. This structure should have achieved a world balance on paper. It hasn’t achieved that.

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Common sense should teach all that what the world needs is AFRICA and the indigenous world on the table of equals to bring lasting balance. This is the actual missing link.

Until the peoples of this Earth welcome that idea and embrace the very people who can add the long missing ingredients to what this world for centuries has been waiting for, it is all but a futile effort.

Therefore, the original peoples of this planet Earth should shake off the shackles of colonization (enslavement) once and for all. We must focus on a Super Power AFRICA, long cried out by the finest of us. NOT based on strategic influence, for example, Nigeria, Egypt, South Africa, Congo, or Ethiopia representing Africa. Not at all. Period.

A UNITED, and strong AFRICA, with one voice and policy, sitting on a round table of other worldly powers is the answer. Here, lies the real solution towards a fair and equal world for all humankind.

A UNITED AFRICA that I, you, and we all collectively must bring forth. βœŠπŸΏπŸ‘†πŸΏπŸ€Ž
Asante sana! πŸ–€

—Kofi Omama Obibini

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