Wise Words – Secret Behind Secrets! Shhh…


I know you birthed the idea my friend!
I know you generate better income than I do!
I know of your status!

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But please, let’s keep it to ourselves!
A third party shouldn’t know!
We laugh, we play and we argue, but after the arguments, let’s respect the bond we have!
Yes, let’s give it the silence it deserves!

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You may have different opinions about me, I’m sure you do, but hey, keep it to yourself, for I may also have a different opinion about you, but I will hold my peace!

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Don’t malign me, don’t sell me out my brethren!

Let’s respect mutuality!
Let’s remain each other’s keeper!
Let’s keep the bond stronger!
For the beauty of life is peaceful coexistence!

Hold thy peace brethren!
Hold thy peace!

Happy Easter!

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