Good Friday yet full of Unforgiven Betrayal of the Judas!


It’s a good Friday, a day set aside to reflect on the amazing love and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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A proverbial story was told about an African King called Ottopa, who was fearless in battles and accomplished greatness to the admiration of his subjects.
This King was said to have embarked on a war journey; but before, he locked up his wife in a secret chamber, called his right hand man and whispered to him, “if I do not return in four days time, this is the key to my chamber, open my wife, ok.”

Barely an hour later, the king on his journey had to turn back, having realized a cloud of dust behind him; here was his right hand man with horse galloping after him, “you gave me the wrong keys”, he said.
Yes, your guess is good as mine cherished readers

Human is human, and the tendency for a fellow human to betray trust is high
Human is human, and the tendency for a fellow human to betray belief is excessive

Human is human, and the tendency for a fellow human to betray trust is high.
The act of betrayal has rendered many into very uncomfortable situations.
Betrayal comes in different magnitudes, and can send victims to death, prison sentence, adverse pain and other unpleasantries.

No man is an island they say, and in light of this, it is not out of place to keep a friend or have a confidante.
But issues of life and the unpredictable nature of man brings betrayal most often.

Grace has forgiven us for the many times we betrayed trust, sold a friend out, accuse people wrongly with the fruits of hatred, envy or jealousy.
This not withstanding, the wounds we live on victims, takes quite a long time to heal, and some do not even heal at all, if God doesn’t Intervene.

Jesus was betrayed by Judas, that scriptures confirmed on the grounds of monetary gains, but regardless of his guilty conscience, Judas was forgiven.
Oh, yes, he was forgiven, I repeat.

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Consciously or unconsciously, we have all betrayed some one before in this walk of life, and many a time, we also get betrayed along the line like the “Judas game”, but like Judas, we’re not in a position to condemn ourselves.
We should rather be in a position to have that sense of remorse and probably act towards making amends.

As humans, we all need each other, and we’re bound to step on each other’s toe, regardless, but like the steadfast love portrayed to us by our Lord Jesus Christ, we must make conscious efforts to forgive and move on.

Having mentioned this, it behooves on us to be extra vigilant and to avoid throwing caution to the wind in respect to trust and integrity.

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Who offended?
Are you planning to take revenge?
Would you ever live and be sure you won’t offend any one?

As the world commemorates the amazing love of our savior Jesus Christ, dubbed Easter, may we have a strong understanding of “brotherly love”.

Happy Easter folks!
It is well!


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