Mother’s Day; What it actually means to the world


Mother’s Day; What it actually means to the world. “I have taken seed my husband”, This words can be expressed with much joy and happiness.

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Very soothing to the ears of couples in need of the fruit of the womb, as polished.

But on the other divide, It can be a bad news; your guess is good as mine.

But hey, mothers go through what that mouth can’t describe with the absence of experience.

But the arrival of the baby, I’m told, wipes away all the pains of maternity.

“Nyame Nshyira Mbaa, a song by Daddy Lumba, can be played non stop if done with careful understanding.

Womanhood, Motherhood, and Guidance must be “an endeavor” for the soft heart.

Mothers are the director of operations in our lives, from seed to birth to death. They need no requirements whatsoever but yet work more than experts.

They stand by us through thick and thin, becomes our doctor, teacher, counselor, guidance, care taker and any other thing you could think of.

Without salaries and reward, our mothers portrays mobility, the work and stand most time in our infantries, constantly on their feet, constantly bending over which requires high level of stamina.

Our mothers work 135 hrs, 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week basically unlimited hours a week. So complicated right? There are no breaks available. They only have their meals when we are done eating ours.

Our mothers hold excellent negotiation and interpersonal skill. In disguise, they probably hold degree in medicine, finance and psychology.

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They hold several hearts and gives us constant attention, sometimes they have to stay awake for us throughout the night.

They give their life up for us and work in chaotic environment, no Vacations, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and even Holidays, the work load goes up.

Soft heart?

Yeah, children take them through a lot of stress, yet that bond, oh that bond, can’t easily be broken.

A mothers love, like the sunset, it comes with beauty, encouragement and strength.

We celebrate you beautiful souls. You deserve to be celebrated each month because you are special and different.

Without you, the world would be in a deeper mess.



author: Elliot Borketey

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