Show me a Courageous Leader and Let’s bid Good bye to Fear


Show me a Courageous Leader, COURAGE, A PRICELESS VIRTUE!

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Many a time, we overlook this virtue in the name of fear!
Fear is man’s greatest downfall.
The absence of courage!

Day by day, our greatest fears do not really manifest, if we have a clear conscience!

Show me a courageous man, and I will go to him for wisdom!
Wisdom, yes!
It is the fear of God!
He didn’t give us the spirit of fear.

Fear has sent many into their early graves.
Be strong and look up to God, yet be courageous and never fear man.

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Wanna be a great leader?
Overlook fear and embrace courage.
Take me to the four corners of the world, and bring out the courageous leaders.
They stand firm in the face of turmoil.

You think it’s their strength?
No, it’s that force of nature.
The supreme being, the all knowing creator.
He rules in the affairs of men through a courageous leader.

We will not kill our “Prophets”.
We shall hold them in high esteem, for they are the mouth piece of God.

Show me a courageous leader and let’s bid good bye to fear..

Author: Elliot Borketey

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