Love is a Gift, If you are not Gifted with it, Forget it


In Africa, or specifically Ghana, we are brought up by the extended family settings; where apart from our parents and other siblings, we are equally given the environment to get to know other members of the external family tree.

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Gone were the days where family was really the collective one.
We all get to meet at different occasions.
Be it weddings, baby christening , funerals, party and other personal engagements as to when the need arises.

I believe God in His infinite wisdom, prefers inter family marriages and not the one that will give room to incest.

But that not withstanding, love can be crazy at times.
One man says ” its not love, but lust”.
Another says its not love, but infatuations.
Yet there is this other school of thought on the romantic divide, which believes, love is real, it fakes not and blurr blurr blurrr.

But hey, dude (my twin brother) fell in love with this lady twelve years ago.
The relationship started way back at Dambai in the Akatsi enclaves.
He was sent there by Ghacem, to supervise a project, and you know he fell in love with Chochoo who was by then national service personnel.

These love birds were gaining prominence in town as both of them exhibited the best of manners within the locality.
“When a black man falls in love, he fells deeply”, as Feeling Daddy of Empire Fm will say.

Everything was going well for the love birds till hey, guess what.

Call her Maame Water, call her lady Bianca, call her Tip toe Lady, call her miss Ghana.
That was Maame Yaa Adomah.
Before one could say Jack, Maame Yaa who was also on an assignment at Dambai, had fallen for Akwetey Botei my twin brother, lover boy.

Now dude had to play both ladies till eventually, one got to find out and adviced her self sadly.
Chochoo finally parted ways with Akwetey and that eventually ended a relationship that was going to be continued in Accra, if not for that “black cat” (Alonte Din) as my Ga folks will call her; who snatched Chochoo’s love.

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Haa well, let’s see what happens, the relationship between Maame Yaa and my twin brother landed them in Accra.
Eventually, guess what.

Wedding bells have begun ringing.
Akwetey Bortei from Nungua was deeply in love.
Part of the invited guests that graced the wedding included Chochoo who was invited by her father.

Apparently, Chochoo happened to be a distant relation
to Akwetey Bortei, my twin brother. Call us cousins.

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I’m sure you’ve gotten the picture now my cherished reader.

After the rains wash away this wicked Corona virus, which is rendering families apart, let us do well to bond better to our families.
Families as in nuclear and extended, that’s what God has blessed us with.
Even our Lord Jesus Christ has earthly family background which bible says, from the roots of King David; a man after God’s own heart.

If we keep our children from knowing other family members, we will be causing a big blunder in the future because the world is becoming more cosmopolitan.

After COVID-19, hold that brother’s hands, hold that sister’s hands, let’s forge ahead in love and unity devoid of hatred and personal sentiments.

Love is the ultimate and not crazy.

Author: Elliot Borketey

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