Ghana may Experience Another Lock Down if Citizens don’t Adhere to Strict Measures by the President


“A leader’s courage, wisdom and strength are tested in a moment of distress; when followers seem to be frustrated like this.” ~anonymous.

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Currently, Covid19 confirmed cases in Ghana is at 1,671 with 188 recoveries and 16 deaths.

In the wake of this global pandemic that has bedeviled the nation, one can observe with utmost consciousness that the presidency is really under severe pressure.
Thus to battle the disease and safeguard the life of the Citizenry.
Personally, I feel all the political divides and Ghanaians deserve great commendation, most especially our president Nana Addo and our team of able health personnel leading in the front; administering great initiatives to salvage the situation.
We say “Ayekoo”.

A friend of mine under mandatory Quarantine, called a week ago, telling me what he has witnessed in his hiding place.
“I tell you, Ghana is really doing well as envisaged, with regards to this pandemic.” He said.

Even the president, as the first citizen of our land, is not playing politics with this pandemic even though the election is impending; so it baffles me as to why a section of politicians in the opposition and even incumbent, seems to be playing politics.
This is a life-threatening pandemic which has the tendency to even disrupt elections and other constitutional requirements.

This is a time for reflection and great vigilance, praying and expecting God to turn the situation around.

We are a Nation with small resources and minimal budget as compared to other great Countries but we can manage and put it to good use, if we can all rally behind the president with the sense of patriotism, thus wishing him well in all decisions in light of the pandemic.

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I must state emphatically that even Ex-President John Mahama is siding with President Nana Addo, praying all his initiatives work thereby appointing another team to assist should the need be. We must take our minds off assumptions.
A nation is not governed by assumptions.

In times past, we could opt for traveling outside the country should the situation get worse, but you see, because we have only one Nation and all other Nation is in crises, we only have to put our trust in God and thus pray for wisdom to be endowed with our leaders to combat this hash pandemic.

Its a pity some of our fellow brothers and sisters in the food distribution chain have resulted in amassing wealth out of a #Pandemic. Where is our conscience?
Yet tomorrow by this time, we shall be the same people calling the politician corrupt and of course helping fight corruption; when today, we practice “Kalabule’ in broad daylight.

Let us shun every negative tendency during this critical moment when nothing matters but life and survival.
Where food, water and basic necessities of life are all that humanity needs and craves.

Ghana needs each one of us alive, so let’s be more sensitive to the plight of the less fortunate.
Jesus did not ask a rich man to sell his belongings to take care of the poor for no apparent reason.”Word to the wise.

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May God Heal our Land.

Author: Elliot Borketey

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