Ghana, Our Beloved Country is Free Forever, Take us Back!


Take me back to the days when leadership was a privilege and a collective responsibility.
Take me back, to the days when the white man was never revered over the black man.
Take me back to the days when national interest surpasses party interest.

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Tell me I’m wrong, tell me I’m right, but never sell me out to my foes.
“Open rebuke is better than love concealed”, the proveb proclaims.

Take me back to the days , where I don’t need to be told, “it’s a must, but it can also be a choice, yet if it has to be done, it should be done well, for posterity is the best judge”. My patriotic consciousness should always be awake.

Take me back to the days, where our fathers toiled to build the Nation, having me and you in mind.
Dreaming and anticipating that you and I will toe the same Path, just so our unborn children will not have to suffer.

But wait a minute, yes wait.
You wouldn’t take me back, would you?
Of course no; why because you can’t turn back the hands of time.
But you can still make amends.

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Amends? Yes!
You can help brighten up the corner you find your self.

It is black!
It is white!
But it can also be black and white!
Yes, we have different opinions but that doesn’t make us enemies.
We disagree to agree, they say.

My Church, my school, my family, my business.
Oh mine, oh mine, can also be “ours” when said in love and understanding.
If you don’t know anything at all in the scriptures, at least you know that a man called Christ sacrifice his life out of love for humanity, to give us grace.

Take me back to that love in words and in deeds.

Author: Elliot Borketey

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