Ghana, Let’s put all Jokes Aside and be Serious in this Country!


Ghana, Let’s put all Jokes Aside and be Serious in this Country! “There is a God that heals, but there is also a man that has to apply wisdom in order not to put the Lord to test.”~Anonymous.

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Being in good health is a full miracle on it’s own.
You will not know the worth of what you’ve got until it’s gone my good friend.
God created his world to be inhabited by humanity.
Bible says, He wishes above all things that man will prosper and be in good health.
This goes to attest to the fact that, our God is not a God of retribution but full of love.

In the wake of a global pandemic such as this, it baffles me that some individuals still See’s this as some cat and bull story.
Guys this is a serious matter.

During a TV show, I overheard a well known boxer with a great sense of humour, claiming that COVID-19 does not exist.
So he was asked by the host, “but I’ve you been following the prescribed protocols”?
His answer was, “yes of course”.
His reason being that, when all men are turning into animals, you as a man must do likewise; other than that, you will become a prey to be devoured.
You can translate that in your local dialect, my good friend.

It is our collective prayer as a people with a common purpose, that God heals our land, but in believing so, we must also not relent on our efforts to be on the safe side.

If all men are observing safety protocols, you too do likewise please.
We all need each other alive so we get to worship in our various sanctuaries together.
So we get to live that fulfilling life.
So we get to meet as a family devoid of fear and stigma.

I know you’ve always been the “doubting Thomas” type; but please, this ain’t a time for doubt but a time for vigilance.

And to the Partisan politicians, we know elections are closer, but we beseech you.
Our numbers keeps shooting up.
Whether they are manipulated figures or not, that’s not the point.

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“Prevention is always better than cure”, they say.
Whoever coined this assertion, didn’t do so out of the blues.
The intention is to safeguard humanity please.
And to the conspiracy theorist, we all know and believe in your research works; but please don’t confuse us now.
At the moment, all that matters is to be on the preventive side.

Something that is threatening our way of livelihood should never be taken for granted.
Let’s put the jokes aside Family.
The same blood runs through all of us, so we are all at risk.

God loves and protects his own.
Yet the same God is a God of instruction and discipline.
He did not ask the Israelites to mark their door post with the blood for nothing.
Neither did he ask humanity to abstain from certain doings for nothing.

He will definitely heal our land and make a way where there seems to be no way.
But till then, let’s not compromise on our safety please.

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May He keep the departed souls in his abode, and may his hedge of protection be around you and your family.

Author: Elliot Borketey

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