Kennedy Agyapong as a SPECIAL PROSECUTOR?


In a compound house, we use to stay with this old man called Mr Kotey aka “Onipa y3 bad”.
Man, when you want to define mischief, perhaps he’s the best picture.
The old man was a man of litigation.
When you see him dressed up in the morning in his political suit and a fitting shoes , you may be mistaken he’s going to the office; but forget it, he drives straight to court.

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Honorable Kennedy Agyapong is a fine gentleman anyone could admire considering his philanthropic traits, boldness and of course his extreme quota contribution towards National development.

Engaging a convo with this man can be very frustrating with a tendency to damage one’s image at the slightest provocation.

A friend said, “perhaps he should be made the special prosecutor” and after a careful reflection, you can imagine the turn of events in this Nation if this should manifest.

Everyone has one secret or the other.
Some in past life, others in present life and some buried in obscure places.

Akrobeto of Kumawood fame, goes like, “your secret is your power”.

And this is true because it has the potential to break you into pieces as a human being.

Everyone has secrets, be it positive or negative.
Even Hon Kennedy too got secrets he wouldn’t love to see in the limelight.

In view of this, it behooves on him to stick to the job description of a law maker in our democratic dispensation.
And if there is a need to unmask anyone, it should be in the best interests of the nation and thus parliament as a constitutional body.

We know Arimiyaw Anas as an investigative Journalist whose work is done in secrecy and later brought to the light in a way everyone applauds.
And this, honorable Kennedy seems to have a problem with.
So why do you have a problem with someone’s style of unmasking evil yet you do the extreme and the outrageous in a similar scenario.

As matter of fact, this doesn’t make sense to any rational being when we know the present situation in Ghana and the world at COVID-19.
In as much as we do not condone evil in this country, we also believe there is time and process for everything.
So why not stick to the timing and most importantly process in dealing with your “supposed criminals”.

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Truth be told, I really admire Hon Kennedy, but the way he descends the gutters with some individuals is noting to write home about.

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He’s becoming more of a nuisance and attention seeker.
Or better still a noise maker.

Osei Kwame Despite, Kenpong , and other richer folks with great media houses are all in this Nation.
Are you saying no one ever steps on their toes?
But have we heard anyone of them lambasting and revealing unnecessary secrets and allegation about people like Hon Ken does.

“When you bend to look at someone’s ass, don’t forget someone else is looking at yours too”.
If you claim #AngelObinim and others are evil, why not gather your evidence and hand them over to the special prosecutor in an Honorable way like your name denotes; but to attract viewers to your media houses, you decided to disturb the whole nation even in the heat of COVID-19.Who does this master?

We must all rise to condemn evil in this country but anything done with a rationale of mischief and evil mindset will never make any headway.

We all respect your position and good deeds in this country but please, rise above personal sentiments, mischief, bickering, arrogance and pride.
This traits can bring you to sudden doom if you don’t drop them and focus on your core mandate as a member of Parliament Hon Kennedy.

The old man I started with, had his positive traits as well, but after his demise, he was only remembered for his wicked ways.

Let love lead and forgive quickly Honorable.

Best of the Weekend friends.

It is well.

Author: Elliot Borketey

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