Chale Wote Street Art Festival 2019. Inside Out


So on Wednesday 14th August 2019, I took my camera and set off for the Chale Wote Street Art Festival 2019. I couldn’t afford to miss a bit of it due to the hype previous attendees kept making. Before I set of, I stalk their Online Portal to do a little research as usual of which I found out the duration of the festival. (August 14th – 25th 2019)

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This year’s celebration demands media accreditation from photographers, cinematographers, vlogs and bloggers before they will be allowed to take footage for commercial purpose or professional use. Accreditation comes with a fee though, of course it can never be free.

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That is so cool because, the organizers have invest so much effort for such a memorable and colorful Festival. As this year’s mark the ninth year celebration of this Art and Culture, I do not commend only the sustainability of the Festival but respect the good work which has uplifted Ghana’s Tourism and brought forth many foreigners to the country.

This opens doors for foreign investors and potential investors who are willing to start businesses in the motherland, Ghana.

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Fast forward, I got to James Town in Accra by 12pm only to be informed that the Chale Wote Street Art Festival hasn’t begun. I asked a cab driver who was close to where I was and he said, Homowo Festival is suppose to happen before Chale Wote Festival. But it has nothing to do with the Homowo, the festival of harvest. He also continued by saying the Homowo festival will begin the following Saturday which is 17th August 2019. Well, I took note of that and went back home with my disappointment.

On Saturday, 12th August 2019, I took my camera again to the same venue but this time it was the Homowo Festival. The former President of Ghana, John Dramani Mahama was on the move to visit the king and Chiefs of Sempe Mantse. NII ADOTE OTINOR II. Great warrior. Which gathered huge crowd chanting and welcoming his presence. I took few footage and made a vlog out of it.

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