In Ghana, we don’t solve our problems. We re-brand them – A Random Piece


I chanced on this article which was shared by NYDJ and we understand he also chanced on it somewhere. Well we don’t know the source but we think it’s a beautiful piece and deserves the maximum publication to benefit the ordinary Ghanaian and help solve matters in our country.

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In Ghana, we don’t solve our problems. We re-brand them.

We had Polytechnics. We changed their names to Technical Universities without significantly overhauling their systems and structures. Somehow, we feel the change has solved all our problems. Old Problem. New name.

We had Teacher Training Colleges. We changed their names to Colleges of Education. Now we have made them 4 year Degree Awarding Institutions. Same Old facilities with a new name and new degree. Old Problem. New name.

We had Junior Secondary and Senior Secondary Schools. We changed to Junior High and Senior High Schools. Without really solving it’s major problem: the fact that our Senior High Graduates finish with mere book knowledge and no proper Professional Skills to face the real life of the world. Now we say we want to award Diploma not Certificate. Is it not same Old Problem but New name?.

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We had ECG. Through some privatisation move, we have changed name to PDS. Lights go out the entire day and keep going off. Is it not just a change of name. Old problem. New name.

Name change specialists.

1.”We changed WAJU to DOVVSU same problem, new name. We changed VELD to DVLA, same problem new name. We changed FDB to FDA etc”

2. “We changed Jubilee House to Flagstaff House and now changed to Jubilee House again. New name. same corrupt officials”

It is about time our leaders think of better life by solving problems and not just be interested in changing names to cover up the problems. THINK DEEP TO SOLVE PROBLEMS NOT THAT OLD IDEOLOGY

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