Ghanaians Reacted to the second coming of NAM1


By now, Ghanaians are waking to the reality that Nana Appiah Mensah, the embattled CEO of Menzgold who was arrested in Dubai has won his court case on April 9, 2019.

He was pronounced not guilty by a Dubai court and the judge ordered the Royal Horizon, the company who filed the fraud case against NAM1 to pay him his 39 million dollars.

NAM1 himself has broken his silence after he was declared not guilty. He took to his Instagram page a few minutes ago to praise God for being by his side all these years.

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There has been mix reaction ever since the news of NAM1’s released hit the media whiles some Ghanaians are excited NAM1 is coming back, others are worried if he is coming back to do the right thing or not.

Others showed clearly that they do not care whether he is back or not, they just want their money locked with Menzgold back.

Embattled Menzgold CEO, Nana Appiah Mensah spoke for the first time since November, 2019 after winning a court case in Dubai.

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Many Ghanaians, especially Menzgold customers would be much happier as this means they are about to get their locked up cash.

Since he made his ‘first comment in his second coming’ many people have expressed mixed feelings as some seem so happy with others too not overly happy.

We have collected these comments and reading them shows how people still supports the embattled CEO and others, well, they still see him as a ‘DEVIL’.

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